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Latest developments relating to AI and the EU AI Act.

December 2023

IAPP AI - DEC 23.png

Report / IAPP AI: Key Terms for AI Governance

This glossary is an update to the June 2023 release of IAPP's Key Terms for AI Governance. The updated version has
been developed with reference to various materials and with valuable feedback from experts on IAPP's AI Governance
Center Advisory Board. It includes new terms and modifications to existing terms.

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Report / AI & Partners: Postcard from TechEx Global 2023 in London

Key takeaways from this year's industry gathering of AI, Blockchain, IoT, and other specialists, market participants and the wider community.

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Whitepaper / AI & Partners: Know Your Client (KYC) vs Know Your AI (KYAI)

A holistic comparison of the similarities and differences between KYC and KYAI.

November 2023


Report / IRSG: International Regulatory Strategy Group policy paper - coherent and interoperable international regulatory framework on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Paper stressing the importance of creating a globally coherent approach. To help achieve a global regulatory framework for AI that avoids additional, unnecessary burdens for businesses, whilst protecting consumers and maintaining their trust, it also contains certain policy recommendations for the UK government.

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Report / AI & Partners: Global AI Benchmarking Study

Key findings from a study of the global AI industry using external research data. 


Report / UK Government: Introducing the AI Safety Institute

Introduction to the UK's planned AI Safety Institute. It will advance the world’s knowledge of AI safety by carefully examining, evaluating, and testing new types of AI so that we understand what each new model is capable of.

BSI - 2023-11-10.png

Report / BSI: Little Book of AI

Sets out to explain how AI standards provide a flexible approach to managing all aspects of AI development and responsible use. 

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Report / AI & Partners: Postcard from FinTech LIVE 2023 in London

Key takeaways from this year's industry gathering of FinTech specialists, market participants and the wider community.

OECD - NOV 23.png

Report / OECD: Common Goalposts to Promote Interoperability in AI Risk Management

Provides a high-level overview and analysis of commonalities and differences of leading risk management frameworks for AI.


Report / UNESCO: Technology-Facilitated Gender-Based Violence in an Era of Generative 

This report is aligned with UNESCO’s work on raising awareness and producing solutions for gender-based violence on the internet.

European Commission.png

Report / European Commission: The Future of Government 2030+ - A Citizen Centric Perspective on New Government Models

The objective of this project is to explore the emerging societal challenges, analyse trends in a rapidly changing digital world and launch an EU-wide debate on the possible future government models.

NCSC - 2023-11-14.png

Report / National Cyber Security Centre: Annual Review 2023 - Making the UK the safest place to live and work online

The latest annual review from the UK's technical authority for cyber security.

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Whitepaper / AI & Partners: Regulatory Evolution Cycle

A graphical depiction of a common pattern that arises with each new regulation or other legislation.

MAS - 2023-11-15.png

Whitepaper / MAS: Emerging Risks and Opportunities of Generative AI for Banks A Singapore Perspective

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) today announced the successful conclusion of phase one of Project #MindForge which seeks to develop a risk framework for the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence (#GenAI) for the #financial sector.

Policy Brief.png

Report / University of Cambridge, ai@cam, and Bennett Institute for Public Policy Cambridge: Policy Brief: GENERATIVE AI

This policy brief answers three key questions: 1. What policy infrastructure and social capacity does the UK need to lead and manage deployment of responsible generative AI (over the long term)? 2. What national capability does the UK need for large-scale AI systems in the short- and medium-term? 3. What governance capacity does the UK need to deal with fast moving technologies, in which large uncertainties are a feature, not a bug?


Report / CISCO: CISCO AI Readiness Index

The Cisco AI Readiness Index investigates AI readiness across six key pillars - Strategy, Infrastructure, Data, Governance, Talent, and Culture and categorizes organizational readiness into four levels – Pacesetters (fully prepared), Chasers (moderately prepared), Followers (limited preparedness), and Laggards (unprepared). Using this categorization, the breakdown of respondents for Cisco’s inaugural AI Readiness Index is: Pacesetters (14%); Chasers (34%); Followers (48%) and Laggards (4%).

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Report / AI & Partners: Postcard from Insurance Innovators Summit 2023 in London

Key takeaways from this year's industry gathering of insurance practitioners, market participants and the wider community.

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Report / AI & Partners: Postcard from FT Future of AI Summit 2023 in London

Key takeaways from this year's industry gathering of finance market participants and the wider community.

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Report / DLA Piper: AI Governance: Balancing Policy, Compliance, and Commercial Value

New global research from DLA Piper explores the balance between governance and value creation, and uncovers how organizations can use AI responsibly, safely and commercially.

TLS - 2023-11-21.png

Report / The Law Society: Generative AI - the essentials

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has created boundless opportunities for the legal profession, but has also spawned new risks. Use their guidance to learn more about AI, its pitfalls and possibilities.

OECD - 2023-11-21.png

Report / OECD: Open Finance Policy Considerations

This paper analyses the benefits, risks and implementation challenges of Open finance and provides policy recommendations for the safe and successful implementation of such data-sharing frameworks in finance, including the impact of artificial intelligence with respect to inappropriate data usage and handling.

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Report / AI & Partners: What is Know Your AI System (KYAI)?

Know Your AI (“KYAI”) is the process firms use to verify their artificial intelligence (“AI”) systems, their risk levels, and inform compliance risk assessments. KYAI is a foundation of European Union (“EU”) AI Act (the “EU AI Act”) compliance in jurisdictions worldwide. Given its regulatory importance, firms should understand how to implement KYAI effectively.

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Report / AI & Partners: WRC and the UK: Navigating AI’s Wireless Frontier

The World Radiocommunication Conference (“WRC”) stands as a crucial event on the international technology landscape, with implications that stretch beyond its immediate radiocommunication focus. The United Kingdom (“UK”), in particular, has a vested interest in the outcomes of WRC, given its significant impact on various sectors and, notably, the pressing issue of artificial intelligence (“AI”) and the implications of the European Union (“EU”) AI Act (the “EU AI Act”). 

UK Finance - 2023-11-23.png

Report / UK Finance: The Impact of AI in Financial Services - Opportunities, Risks and Policy Considerations

Oliver Wyman was commissioned by UK Finance to collaboratively prepare a report on AI in the financial sector.

OECD - 2023-11-24.png

Report / OECD: What technologies are at the core of AI?

This report outlines a new methodology and provides a first exploratory analysis of technologies and applications that are at the core of recent advances in AI. 

OECD - 2023-11-24.png

Report / OECD: Using AI to Support People with Disability in the Labour Market

Building on interviews with more than 70 stakeholders, this report explores the potential of AI to foster employment for people with disability, accounting for both the transformative possibilities of AI-powered solutions and the risks attached to the increased use of AI for people with disability.

Logo - 2023-03-25.png

Report / AI & Partners: What guidance is there for Know Your AI System (KYAI)?

Leading guidance on KYAI requirements under the EU AI Act.

SafeGuru - 2023-11-29.png

E-Book / SafeGuru: AI- Powered Safety: Innovating Worplace Health and Safety

Insights on the EU AI Act.

DfE - 2023-11-29.png

Paper / Department for Education: The impact of AI on UK jobs and training

This report, produced by the Unit for Future Skills3 in the Department for Education, is one of the first attempts to quantify the impact of AI on the UK job market (separate to automation more generally). T

October 2023

Meta - 2023-10-01.png

Report / Meta: Building Generative AI Responsibly

A whitepaper from a leading technology giant providing an overview of generative AI and how it is building generative AI features responsibly.


Report / IBM + Data & Trust Alliance: The Urgency of AI Governance

A whitepaper from a leading technology giant on the criticality of AI governance.

IRSG - 2023-10-03.png

Report / IRSG: International Regulatory Strategy Group response to the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) and Office for Artificial Intelligence (OAI) Policy Paper “A pro-innovation approach to AI regulation” published 29 March 2023 (AI White Paper)

A response to the UK Government's AI White Paper from a prominent joint-venture. 

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Report / AI & Partners: Postcard from DTX + UCX 2023 in London

Key takeaways from this year's industry gathering of AI specialists, market participants and the wider community.

The Center for Inclusive Change.png

Report / The Center for Inclusive Change: AI Procurement: Explainability Best Practices

Report from a leading research centre on aspects relating to explainability. 

European Commission - 2023-10-13.png

Report / European Commission: Proposal for standard contractual clauses for the procurement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by public organisations

The standard contractual clauses presented in this draft are based to a large extent on the requirements and obligations for high-risk AI Systems included in the Title III of the proposal for a Regulation on artificial intelligence.

Screenshot 2023-10-15 153929.png

Report / European Commission: JRC Science For Policy Report: Emerging Technologies Disruptive Innovation Strategic Foresight

A literature review of reports on emerging technologies and disruptive innovation.

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Report / AI & Partners: Postcard from World Summit AI 2023 in Amsterdam

Key takeaways from this year's industry gathering of AI specialists, market participants and the wider community.

Screenshot 2023-10-18 135547.png

Report / The Future Society: A Blueprint for the European AI Office

A blueprint for the European AI Office proposed by a prominent AI-focused think tank.


Report / Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Princeton University: The Foundation Model Transparency Index

The 2023 Foundation Model Transparency Index specifies 100 fine-grained indicators that comprehensively codify transparency for foundation models, spanning the upstream resources used to build a foundation model (e.g. data, labor, compute), details about the model itself (e.g. size, capabilities, risks), and the downstream use (e.g. distribution channels, usage policies, affected geographies). 


Report / DIGITALEUROPE: AI Act trilogues: A vision for futureproofing, governance and innovation in Europe

Paper comparing the Parliament’s and the Council’s mandates for trilogue negotiations, contributing certain recommendations to improve the AI Act and make it truly future proof.

WHO - 2023-10-20.png

Report / WHO: Regulatory Considerations on Artificial Intelligence for Health

Provides an overview of regulatory consideratio