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AI on AIr

Insights from our network of clients and partners on the EU AI Act journey on our market leading podcast.

Season 1 | 2023

Podcast | Unicsoft

Unicsoft Logo.png

Aleksey Zavgorodniy and his team on the risks of AI from a software development perspective.

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Podcast | LeafCloud

LeafCloud - Logo - 2023-07-07.png

David Kohnstamm sheds light on topics relating to AI from a cloud hosting infrastructure standpoint.

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Podcast | Doug Hohulin

Logo - AI & Partners (FEB 2024).png

Doug Hohulin sheds light on topics using his experience from working for a large system integrator.

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Podcast | Ali Khan

Logo - AI & Partners (FEB 2024).png

Leading insights from one of the UK's top DeFi lawyers on salient social, economic, political and philosophical elements of AI.

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Podcast / NayaOne

NayaOne - Logo - 2023-07-03.png

Varun Resh lays down fresh insights on AI software development from his multi-disciplinary lens.

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Podcast | KiteEdge


James Flavin lays down how AI can help firms in the investment management sector

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Podcast | Tijs Maas

Logo - AI & Partners (FEB 2024).png

Insights from an artificial intelligence expert who has worked on embedding AI for a large autonomous vehicle company.

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Podcast | Simon Scott

Logo - AI & Partners (FEB 2024).png

Cutting-edge comments from a leading figure in the entertainment industry on AI's disruptive potential.

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Season 2 | 2023

Podcast | Encode Health

Screenshot 2023-07-06 074340.png

Costas Fantis draws on his extensive medical experience and deep expertise to shed insight on AI use cases and the significance of regulation.

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Podcast | Christian de Vartavan

Screenshot 2023-07-20 191741.png

Christian provides compelling insights on AI, in the context of an evolving AI environment, and how it interfaces with current political, economic and social matters developments.

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Podcast | Ken Polotan

Screenshot 2023-07-17 173325.png

Ken Polotan, serial enterpreneur/speaker/investor/mentor, gives a breakdown of this thoughts on #AI and related issues.

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Podcast | Daniel Ballin

Screenshot 2023-07-26 191609.png

Daniel Ballin, a leading AI expert/tech entrepreneur, gives an interesting take on the social, ethical and moral fabric of AI. He also gives a few examples of where the industry is heading as well as brief thoughts on the UK regulatory perimeter. 

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Podcast | Duco Digital

Screenshot 2023-08-23 153943.png

Darren considers various aspects of AI relevant to marketers, including ethics and transparency. He emphasizes the importance of 'AI for Good'.

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Season 3 | 2024

Dr Deandra shares her thoughts on how we are at the very origins of a new wave of technological development and innovation.

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Podcast | Peter Jones

A leading Web3 figure shares his thoughts on how we are at the start of an extremely exciting opportunity for the global economy.

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