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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The AI space is evolving at unprecedented speed. Our team originates from diverse backgrounds, giving us a highly competitive edge in remaining ahead.

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Sean Musch | Co-CEO/CFO

As a seasoned audit professional, Sean leads assurance engagements and reviews. He is an outward facing auditor, owning relationships with clients and other key stakeholders. He is widely recognized in the Dutch audit sector for his critical thinking and forensic-level analysis.

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Michael Borrelli | Co-CEO/COO

Michael Charles Borrelli is a highly experienced financial services professional with over 10 years of experience. He has held executive positions in compliance, regulation, and management consulting for institutional financial services firms. He currently advises AI companies.

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Doug Hohulin | Technology | Business Associate

Doug worked for 33 years at Nokia/Motorola in Strategy, Business Development, Account Management and Engineering roles. He focuses on Generative AI, XR/Metaverse, Digital Health, Telehealth, Education, Telecommunication (5G/6G, WiFi, Cable/10G), Intelligent Transportation/AV, Sustainability/Energy/Smart Grid and Public Policy projects and was a member of the Nokia/Bell Labs XR Center of Excellence (XRCoE).  He is on the KU School of Nursing Advisory Board and an Affiliate Faculty member supporting various XR projects and a KC Digital Drive Member focusing on: Healthcare Innovation, Education, Gigabit Applications, Digital Inclusion, Economic Development and Government. He is the VRARA Chapter President - Kansas City and a VR Research Scientist at Virtual World Society

Mike Ellis | Legal | Non-Executive Director

Michael Ellis is a dynamic Chief Legal and Compliance Officer with over 25 years of expertise advising leading organisations. He has a proven record in executive committee level general counsel, international law, and regulatory compliance management positions and a strong history in creating sustained, unprecedented growth for businesses in 30+ countries across all 7 continents.

Dr Indranil Nath | Business Associate

Dr Indranil Nath is an entrepreneurial and globally exposed leader, board member, and iNED with 35 years of experience in insurance operations and technology. He has helped establish a compelling vision for information systems functions, and technical solutions, including company-wide application development in both buy and build scenarios. Indranil has consulted on the ethics of AI recommendation and independent review guidelines for Responsible AI and peer-reviewed the UN Action Plan for Sustainable Planet in the Digital Age. He has led the Operational Excellence programme and deployed digital solutions to transform business processes by automating using AI/ML capabilities. Technology Inclusion Council has awarded him the ‘2021 Top 100 Diverse Leaders in Tech’. He is an Honorary Senior Fellow at the School of Science & Technology, City University of London, a Chartered Engineer, a Chartered Fellow of The Chartered Institute for IT, and a Fellow of the Institute of Directors.

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