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Navigate, optimise, and ensure your compliance

Discover our tailored professional services and technology solutions to ensure full compliance with the EU AI Act. Let our expert team guide you through the complexities of AI regulations, providing comprehensive solutions for your business needs.

Trusted globally by leading companies across multiple industries

Website - 2024-07-02 (A).png

About Us

Helping you de-risk and cut costs.

AI & Partners is already working with clients since the initial publication of the EU AI Act in 2021. AI & Partners has built a reputation as the go-to AI-focused professional services firm in Europe. Each member of our team serves as an subject matter expert in their niche. They remain updated on developments in their respective industries, so that you receive the most specific and accurate state-of-the-art service available. Regardless of your needs, you will always receive standards above and beyond the market norms.

Our vision is to be Europe’s most professional professional services company; to provide a means of assurance for companies where they can develop, distribute, use, import, deploy, operate and interact with artificial intelligence systems, with both confidence and certainty.

As an ethical and fair professional services firm, AI & Partners holds the most robust standards when it comes to interacting with AI.  AI is a strong technology that can help people and businesses when developed, deployed and implemented responsibly.  Our internal and external teams follow stringent internal standards and encourage clients using Orthrus to follow suit.

What is the EU AI Act?
World's first comprehensive law on artificial intelligence

The European Union (EU) artificial intelligence (AI) Act (EU AI Act) is the EU’s landmark new artificial intelligence regulation. The final text of the EU AI Act was approved on 13 June 2024. Following its formal adoption and entry into force, the EU AI Act will have a significant impact on organisations developing, marketing, using, deploying or interacting with AI, both in the EU and abroad.


The EU AI Act will place risk- and technology-based obligations on firms that develop, use, distribute or import AI systems in the EU, together with high-fines for non-compliance (ranging to EU 35M or 7% of global annual turnover).​​

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Website - 2024-07-02.png
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