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Businesses face ongoing challenges in complying with the EU AI Act while managing the new and persistent risks associated with developing and using AI. Compliance failures can result in customer loss, reputational damage, and significant legal exposure. In today's market, effective risk management should be integral to business operations, fostering customer confidence and driving financial success. Our training services support businesses in achieving these goals.

Risk Management School

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Explore the foundational elements of risk management as mandated by the EU AI Act, focusing on the identification, analysis, evaluation, and mitigation of risks associated with high-risk AI systems.   Also explore the EU AI Act's mandated risk management framework for high-risk AI systems, covering its lifecycle-spanning, iterative process for ensuring safety, security, and compliance through risk identification, analysis, evaluation, mitigation, and the integration of a quality management system.

Course Details:

🌐 Location: London, UK

🌐 Dates: 14-18 October 2024 (5 Days)

🔄 Book your place today to remain ahead of the #risk curve:

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